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Please review the Interdistrict Transfer information in the CISD Board Policy below prior to filling out the application.

The CISD Board Policy can be downloaded at:

I have read the CISD Policy for Interdistrict Transfer and wish to continue with my request.
Interdistrict Transfer Board Policy

Conroe ISD
NO INTERDISTRICT TRANSFERS A nonresident student shall not be permitted to attend District schools except as provided below:
EXCEPTIONS A resident student who becomes a nonresident during the course of a school year shall be permitted to continue in attendance for the remainder of the grading period in which the move occurred.
SENIORS A nonresident senior student who was a resident of the District and attended the same District high school during the preceding three years shall be allowed to continue to attend that high school until the student graduates, provided academic, disciplinary, and attendance records are satisfactory.
NONRESIDENT DISTRICT EMPLOYEES A nonresident full-time employee may request that his or her child be admitted into District schools by filing an application with the Superintendent or designee. Transfers shall be granted for one regular school year at a time.
CONTRACT FOR PURCHASE A student residing outside the District may, upon written approval of the Superintendent, be enrolled in the District provided the following qualifications are met:
  1. The student’s parent or guardian has signed a contract for the purchase or lease of a home within the boundaries of the District that will be completed or occupied within 90 days of enrollment;
  2. The parent or guardian provides a certified copy of the contract, lease, loan documents, bill of sale, or other appropriate documentation; and
  3. The parent or guardian agrees to provide transportation for his or her student(s).
FACTORS In approving transfers, the Superintendent or designee shall consider availability of space and instructional staff and the student’s disciplinary history and attendance records.

The Superintendent or designee shall assign an interdistrict transfer student to an appropriate District school. Assignments shall be based on District need rather than student or parent preference.

Children of nonresident employees shall be assigned to the campus nearest to the employee’s place of work that has space available as determined by the appropriate assistant superintendent or designee.
TRANSFER REQUESTS A $25 nonrefundable application fee per family shall be charged.

Transfer applications should be submitted on or before May 1 for the following school year. Applications received after May 1 may not receive approval prior to the start of the school year.

The transfer application notifies the transfer student that he or she must follow all rules and regulations of the District. Violation of the District’s rules and regulations may result in a transfer request not being approved the following year.
APPEALS Any appeals shall be made in accordance with FNG(LOCAL) and GF(LOCAL), as appropriate.
DATE ISSUED: 11/06/2014 — LDU 2014.05 — FDA(LOCAL)-X
I qualify for an Interdistrict Transfer based on the following reason:

If you do not see a reason that pertains to your situation, please contact
Visit the CISD Board Policy website to find the most updated version in PDF or DOC format.