Welcome to the online student vehicle registration site for Conroe ISD.

If your campus participates in the use of this site and you are eligible to apply for a parking space you can login using the dialog box to the right. (Login using your username and password as stu[STUDENTID] example: stu123456.) You will go through a brief slideshow and then be required to take a short quiz at the end. Upon passing the quiz you will be able to register any vehicles that you intend to drive to school.

If you have trouble logging in please see someone at the front office of your school. It's likely one of the following has occurred:

  • School has turned Parking off for their students and has yet to enable it.
  • A hard coded filter has been put on what classification of student can use Parking. (e.g. only 11th and 12th etc.)
  • Logging in with old form of credentials. Use just the portion of the username without @conroeisd or @studentmail


Before you get started you must verify that you meet the criteria for application set by your school. Please also make sure that you have gathered all the necessary documents/data to fully complete the online form at the end of the course.

You will need the following information to complete the application:

  • Vehicles: Year, Make, Model, Color, License Plate #, VIN # of all vehicles you intend to drive.
  • Shared Parking: If you plan on sharing a parking space, you will need the username of the student you will be sharing the space with. This student must also login into the site and complete the course, quiz, and registration of vehicles.