Before you continue, please read the following:

- Make sure you know your Student's ID and Date of Birth.
- Make sure you are familiar with the vendor you plan on choosing.
- Select your vendor of choice from the dropdown box. (May not be ordered alphabetically!)
- If a vendor of choice is not listed, they did not submit their CISD application by the deadline date.

Parent Responsibilities 2023-2024

- You are required to meet with your vendor of choice prior to registering your child.
- Complete the Off Campus Physical Education application between March 15th and May 1st.
- Research the facility and coaches; CISD does NOT conduct background checks for Off Campus facilities and staff.
- Understand and comply with the attendance requirements.
- Provide transportation.
- Notify the campus counselor within three (3) school days if your child cannot meet the program requirements.
- Understand that your child is committed to a "year-long" program.
- Understand that if the child drops out of the program at any time, no credit is awarded.
- In the event of long term injury, the student will be dropped from the program.
- If the vendor does not submit the student's Grade Reports on the pre-determined day, the student will receive a zero for the grade reporting period. If the vendor misses the Grade Reporting deadline three times, the student will be dropped from Off Campus PE and receive no physical education credit.
- Students may only participate with one agency.